I appeared on a recent episode of The Adelaide Show Podcast, discussing the topic, understanding risk in a scary world.

What struck me about the experience was the high calibre of questions from the presenters, and from listeners, who all displayed a keen awareness of the threats that can impact on their daily lives and businesses.

Of particular note was the interest displayed on travel risks and whether we can continue to travel in the way we used to.

I advised that we should never be afraid to explore the world we live in, however, we should place more focus on understanding the risks of that travel so we can be as well prepared as possible.

The key point in relation to travel security is that being responsive to changes is vital to ensuring a successful and safe journey.

That discussion led to me creating an article about travel security with a free, travel security information sheet to download.

An extended interview about understanding risk

During The Adelaide Show interview, our extended discussion also covered topics like bribery and corruption (and how to manage that risk).

I was able to provide an insight into how companies are able to effectively manage this risk and emphasise that relying on traditional remedies was no longer sufficient.

When it comes to operating in places where bribery and corruption are rife, a demonstrated approach to seeking change at all levels as well as seeking creative (not illegal or unethical) solutions assists in balancing increasingly stronger laws with the capacity to operate in such locations.

Another key area we covered related to Cyber Security.

I was able to share some perspective on the threat and what we as individuals can do to protect ourselves just that little bit further.

The whole experience was a wonderful opportunity to reach out to The Adelaide Show listeners on a unique subject and I welcome the opportunity to do so in the future.

If you would like to listen to the interview, simply use the player below. Or, if you are a podcast listener, just search for The Adelaide Show in your favourite podcast app and download episode 210. It runs just over 100 minutes.

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