Who is the corporate security consultant overseeing your enterprise for strategic risk management and security planning?

When you choose Insight Global Risk, your security partner will be lead by Chris Ruff, who has a background in military intelligence and has been at the forefront of the modern security environment for the last 20 years.

Breaking the code of a corporate security consultant’s DNA

Whilst his military career covered a range of combat and strategic postings, Chris’s primary areas of expertise within Intelligence involved Cyber Security and Counter-Intelligence.

Skills and experience from years in counter-intelligence are crucial for enterprises today.

The ability to plan and execute the gathering of information to protect against espionage, sabotage, or even assassinations, no longer applies only to governments.

Any enterprise operating at scale must now bring these considerations into its risk management strategies.

By using a team led by Chris Ruff, an organisation stands in good stead to make sure no stones are left unturned or important scenarios unconsidered, as it plans for the future welfare of itself, its personnel, and its stakeholders.

Post-military experience in corporate security

Since leaving the military in 2003, Chris was engaged as the Security Risk Manager for State Rail NSW (largest mass transit authority in the Southern Hemisphere).

Chris’ experience in risk management for the rail sector is another signal of his relevance to the enterprise because he has been tested through ensuring a complex, geographically-spread system maintained efficient, safe, and secure operations amid the rising threats of new technology and its intersection with social changes.

He then joined one of Australia’s most important sectors, mining.

As BHP Billiton’s Regional Asset Protection Manager (Asia Pacific), he oversaw security planning and risk assessments to protect what continues to be the world’s largest diversified resources company.

Of the 5.6 million articles online about mining security challenges, the common thread is that while mining is crucial for home countries, overseeing security when mining in developing nations introduces new challenges of equipping mine personnel with weapons, communicating high risk tasks to people with large language barriers, managing clashes of cultural values, maintaining long and exposed supply chains, and planning for health challenges from dysentery, malaria, and extreme weather.

And prior to establishing Insight Global Risk, Chris’ last role was as Chief Security Officer at Santos, the largest domestic producer of gas in Australia and one of the key exporters of LNG throughout the Asia Pacific region.

This role further deepened Chris’ understanding of protecting expansive and expensive infrastructure, whether it be plant and equipment in isolated areas with climatic extremes, or the moving of volatile payloads of LNG through ports and into foreign markets.

As you might appreciate, Chris is able to deliver insights to his clients at Insight Global Risk, by drawing upon his exposure to and experience in these diverse operational situations.

A corporate security consultant who delivers clarity

Chris Ruff maintains a reputation for providing clear and concise advice as well as a strong capacity for positive and collaborative engagement with multiple stakeholders both internally and externally to his client organisations.

As an ‘end-user’ security professional, Chris understands first and foremost the challenges and priorities in today’s business environment.

Whilst maintaining the highest levels of integrity, he provides realistic, tailored and effective business resilience solutions to ensure the protection of people, assets, and reputations of those organisations he represents.

Within a short time of knowing Chris, you will understand how he lives and breathes risk management and security planning.

This is evidenced by his various key leadership roles including:

  • Vice Chair of the ASIS International Transportation Committee
  • Inaugural Chair of the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association Security Forum
  • Committee member for the Risk Management Institute of Australasia (RMIA)

Chris has proven security leadership, risk management skills and expertise to Government, public and private sector organisations both within Australia and in international locations.

Enquiries about how Insight Global Risk can help your organisation are always welcome.

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