Geopolitical Assessments

Understanding the increasing number of non-business risks that organisations have to face is becoming a serious challenge for many organisations, which is why we offer geopolitical assessments as a key service.

Anticipating what may happen within the EU, Middle East or South China Sea is becoming an essential part of knowledge management and strategic planning for modern executives.

Western economic and cultural interests are more exposed than at any time before, and an organisations, staff, assets and reputations are potentially at risk from kidnapping, terror attacks, civil unrest and general acts of crime and violence.

Changes to government policy, anti-government demonstrations and small, seemingly isolated incidents, can all quickly escalate resulting in national or local chaos, disrupting logistics, transport and air travel.

Understanding the motivations of non-state actors helps in securing a better picture of the geostrategic environment in which organisations operate.

Geopolitical assessments: What we offer

Insight Global Risk offers the following services as part of our geopolitical assessments:

  • Commissioning country and regional reports
  • Open source reporting
  • Resource and security reports
  • Assessments and personalised advice on the risk of doing business within a region/country
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