Good governance demands a defined, robust and resilient security strategy linked to business priorities and outcomes to ensure the safety and security of an organsation’s staff, assets, and reputation.

A structured security strategy supported by a focused risk analysis will ensure decision makers will be equipped with the resources and support to make informed decisions rather than by acting ‘off the cuff’.

At Insight Global Risk, our focus is to provide this structure through a framework that looks at an organisation as whole, meeting all the requirements of governance protocols.

From this we then assist our clients developing a strategy that mitigates identified risks.

Security strategies and governance

Our strategies will not only provide strategic assurance that its risks are identified and mitigated, but also provides:

  • Detailed accountabilities to those that are best placed to own and manage the risks;
  • Provide appropriate policies, plans and procedures;
  • Documented arrangements for training; exercises and response.

Contact us today to discuss how we can assist in designing or improving your current security strategy to ensure it aligns with and intimately supports your organisation’s objectives.

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