Strategic Risk Management

Insight Global Risk (IGR) has considerable depth of experience in providing strategic risk management solutions to a wide variety of industries.

As security risks become more diverse and dynamic, the requirement for organisations to keep pace with robust and fluid incident and continuity planning functions increases.

IGR supports the client to define what risk and security management, control measures and risk mitigation strategies are available to an organisation’s management structure as they conduct their operations. We achieve this through:

  • Establishing and implementing sound security practices and procedures to eliminate or minimize the probability of an unfavourable event occurring
  • Developing plans to minimise the damage and loss if an unfavourable event does occur
  • Developing contingency and disaster recovery plans that:
    • Guide managers through an incident with data capture guidelines and instructions
    • Provide the guidance and instruction for the creation of a company Security Management Team, including roles and responsibilities
    • Manage supporting security agencies and third party security service providers domestically and internationally

Contact us today to discuss how Insight Global Risk can help you through this process in a way that delivers new insights and tangible outcomes.

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